Water Soluble Packets

Effervescent Packets and Non-Effervescent Packets

We have put over 40 years of chemistry experience and knowledge into developing the most advanced and 100% active water soluble technology.  Our proprietary formulations can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications with excellent product performance.  Our water soluble packets disperse all ingredients uniformly in solution.  No messy residue like other water soluble packets on the market today.  Pre-measured dosage packets are easy to use.

Water Soluble Packet Technology Advantages

KTI’s highly active water soluble packets deliver powerful dosing in each application use.  The advantages to using this technology are many:

  • Tremendous space saving opportunities (no more stacking of cartons on shelves and racks)
  • Shipping costs are drastically reduced (no need paying to ship water)
  • Frozen products are no longer a concern.
  • Simple to use and safe to handle
  • Each packet is a pre-measured dose (no more metering equipment, no more dealing with bulky bottles)
  • Our packets eliminate over usage and spilling of highly concentrated products.
  • Easy to use (no mess and exact dosage every time)
  • The water soluble films we use dissolve completely in water

Private Label and Custom Packaged Water Soluble Packet Technology

We offer private labeling and custom packaging for all of our chemical packets, providing your brand with a powerful marketing tool and a superb product.  KTI can furnish excellent custom formualtions for your water soluble packet requirements.